United Kingdom
United Kingdom (UK) also known as Great Britain was historically consisted of England and Scotland till the end of 19th century. It became United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland when Kingdom of Ireland also merged with it in 1801. It is a sovereign and 11th largest European state surrounded by Atlantic Ocean. London is the capital and largest city of UK. The State is enjoying a variety of cultures and famous as Cultural super power, as it is union of four countries with distinctive customs, traditions and symbolism. The majority of the people speak English therefore considered as official language of the Kingdom. Christianity is a dominated religion of the natives while immigrants from different countries are having tendency of other faiths.

UK is developed state having sixth largest economy in the World. Minimum wage paid to a resident is 1300 Eur per month. The history of industrialization starts from here. It is a member of United Nations Security Council (UNSC), European Union (EU), G8, World Trade Organization (WTO) and many more.

Education and Health has a priority and is provided mostly free to the permanent residents in UK with different implemented education & health care systems of each country of the state. Cambridge and Oxford (Oxbridge) are contributing their role to the society since eight centuries in English World. William Shakespeare was a famous name in English literature and known as National poet of England.
The UK’s culture is influenced by its history a lot. Major players in the development of its culture were Christian religion, liberal democracy, sports, literature, music, art, the countries it is composed of and television. A famous actor Charlie Chaplin was described as a towering figure in the world culture by British Film Institute. Electronic media has strong roots in this land. BBC is considered largest and oldest broadcasting news channel in the world.

The United Kingdom also enjoys a good fame in the history and development of different sports like football, rugby, tennis, boxing rowing and cricket. It is believed that these sports were originated from this land.
The Kingdom is considered the 8th biggest tourist destination in the world. The number visitors from Europe are more than America or any other country. Principal destination of tourists is London City. Tower of London is the most visited place in London that attracts tourists. One should visit this land of glory and history.